Душа в небе Диего Стефани

Душа в небе Диего Стефани


The project SOUL IN THE SKY proposes an alternative celebration of the rites of funeral, the concept of funerary urn and a new way of understanding the journey after the death; it is a real trip, physical, urn floats on top of the world and travels in orbit at 900 km altitude, here the urn sending a signal telling the way done and the road still to be done. The urn is a steel container unique and compact that containing the ashes of the deceased and the balloon inflated with helium to which it is linked that brings him into the orbit, are engraved on the metal profile dates, names and phrases . Inside the container are positioned: _ the urn with the ashes, _a gps which indicates the position in the program on the ground _a flashing light that is activated on command when the item arrives in the close observer lighting up like a star.

The balloon is tied to a steel element; made out of strips of plastic film which are only .0008-inches (0.02mm, 20 micron) thick, polyester-fiber tape will be used to reinforce the material. the pressure of the helium that interacts with the air increases, with initial 5 sq.m in size to a height of 40cm at the time of leaving the ground, the moment of ritual and greet looking at the sky, and 500 sq.m of helium during the journey orbital when the ball reaches its maximum size of 60cm and the entire item arrives to 110cm.

THE ASCENSION The climb is slow, a symbolic moment, the "ascension" in the sky, in the opposite direction to the usual, a journey that will continue forever around the world in LEO Orbit of the exosphere where the deceased rest in peace.

CONTINUING THE JOURNEY The period of revolution of the SOUL IN THE SKY is 187 minutes at a speed of 18400 km / h, around the world will lead him to fly over the places that he has never seen in life.

PRAY THE DEAD The virtual application is a program that allows you to view the position of the object using the gps, its altitude, its position on the star maps and the journey took place, relatives of the deceased can follow the steps and interact with their loved one through your computer, tablet or phone.

BECOME A STAR When the deceased will pass over the point of ascension will turn on the laser light and will be visible through a telescope directly from the earth, the deceased now become a new star.

soul in the sky



in orbit

tracking the trip

pray the new star

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