Mummified heart of a vampire exposed on eBay

Mummified heart of a vampire exposed on eBay - Похоронный портал

Unusual lot - the mummified heart of a vampire is bidding at the online auction eBay. It is expected that trading will be completed on Monday evening, Dec. 13.

As stated in the description of the lot, the body belonged to Auguste Delagrange who was killed in April 1912. According to the announcements, victims of vampire were at least forty people - attacks of Delagrange were called "one of the largest outbreaks of vampirism in the United States." The owner of the lot reported that the vampire was killed (in his heart) on the outskirts of a small town in Louisiana.

The vampire’s dessicated heart and the stake that destroyed him are stored in a box of finger jointed oak that measures approximately 5" high, 8" wide, and 11" long. The plaque on top of the box notes the day Delagrange was destroyed and appears to be hand lettered, consistent with the time period. At the time of this writing, the lot was valued at 355 dollars. 22 bids were placed.

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