South Africa in shock as Amapiano artist, DJ Sumbody dies

South Africa in shock as Amapiano artist, DJ Sumbody dies - Похоронный портал

   Amapiano sensation, Dj Sumbody has died

Popular Amapiano artist, Oupa John Sefoka, known as ‘DJ Sumbody’, has died in Johannesburg in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Sumsounds Music confirmed the amapiano pioneer’s death in a statement on Sunday, according to News24.

“Artist and musician DJ Sumbody has died. Details of his untimely death cannot be released, but the artist named Oupa John Sefoka allegedly ran into an unfortunate incident that led to his passing in the early hours of Sunday morning, 20 November.”

According to reports, DJ Sumbody was traveling on Woodmead road when unknown gunmen sprayed his vehicle with a hail of bullets killing him and one of his bodyguards instantly.

The statement adds that the Sefoka family “have kindly requested privacy” as “investigations are still ongoing

The Amapiano pioneer was the brain behind the show Mashaedi on the Engage which was broadcast on Tshwane.

He also released several albums that attracted positive feedback, contributing to his music success.


Police hunt for killers after DJ Sumbody's death

Police on hunt for killers after musician DJ Sumbody dies

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