Rich and Poor, Franco Gatti has died

Rich and Poor, Franco Gatti has died - Похоронный портал

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Di Federica Massari

A little while ago it was learned of the news of the death of Franco Gatti of the famous Italian group Ricchi e Poveri, the singer was 80 years old

"A piece of our life has gone away", so they say goodbye i Riches and Poors Franco Gatti, historical member of the Italian group that has sold millions of records in the world, second only to Pooh. The musician passed away at the age of 80 a GenoVa, city where he was born and raised.

The family drama of Franco Gatti and the years with the Rich and the Poor

Franco Gatti had left the group last year, the current lineup includes Angela Brambati and Angelo Sotgiu. In 2020 the reunion of the band took place al Festival of Sanremo, where for the occasion the quartet performed the most successful pieces such as It will be because I love you, The first beautiful thing, What will be Mother Mary.

Cats he had also participated in the Milly Carlucci "The Masked Singer" in the role of the baby alien, but he left earlier than expected because he could not bear to wear the mask for long for health reasons. In fact, he had contracted the Covid.

In 2013, the singer who passed away today and his wife faced a terrible tragedy: the death of their son Alessio at just 23 years old. Since that day, the appearances on television with the Riches and Poors have decreased more and more.

There are 22 million copies of records that the quartet has sold over the years. The first formation consisted of Franco Gatti, Angelo Sotgiu, Angela Brambati e Marina Occhiena. Some of their greatest hits have been the soundtrack to successful television programs such as the historian Portobello. The Rai broadcast of 1977 had in fact as its final theme "How I would like". Thus an artist who has contributed to making Italian music a pride in the whole world goes away.

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