Madlib and Oh No’s Father Otis Jackson, Sr. Has Died

Madlib and Oh No’s Father Otis Jackson, Sr. Has Died - Похоронный портал
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                                                             Otis Lee Jackson, Jr. Obituary

                                                               Otis Lee Jackson, Jr. Obituary

Max Rolland

Otis Jackson, Sr. father of Madlib and Oh No died on April 13th at 77-years-old. The announcement came on Sunday, just seven days before what would have been Jackson’s 78th birthday, via Egon, who founded reissue imprint Now-Again Records in 2002.

Born May 8th, 1944 in Shreveport, Louisiana, Jackson went on to become a soul singer, bandleader and session musician for acts including Tina Turner, Bobby “Blue” Bland, and Johnnie Taylor. During the 1970s, Jackson released a number of singles including 1974’s “Beggin’ for a Broken Heart” and “Message to the Ghetto.” In 2006, Jackson released his full-length debut album The Art of Love.

In a 2007 profile with Wax Poetics, Oh No reflected on Jackson’s musical teachings.

“Growing up, my brother and I were in the lab the whole time. And our father was real strict about us not clowning around when it came to music,” he said. “There were always cats jamming in the studio, and my father made sure we were always there and well behaved. I was only like five years old then, but I remember funk being played 24-7.”

Egon mentioned that he’ll be releasing a compilation of Jackson’s rare singles into an album, which will release sometime next year. The Now-Again Records founder also teased an excerpt of album’s liner notes from author, music journalist and DJ, Jeff Mao.

“Encompassing tenor and baritone ranges in performance, and punctuated by an occasional mischievous chuckle in conversation, his instrument reflects the ups-and-downs of a decades-long journey – from community gospel prodigy to independent soul navigating an unforgiving music industry to parent and mentor of two revered hip-hop production auteurs,” the excerpt read. “It also happens to command, with a grace and gravitas commensurate with these experiences, as impeccable a handful of rare soul recordings as you’ll hear.”

You can download Madlib and Oh No's Father Otis Jackson, Sr. Has Died. You can also see interesting things about Lootpack Da Pacumentary VHS 2001

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Though they’ve been together since high school, the Lootpack - Madlib, Wildchild and DJ Romes - first made their presence known in 1994 when the group’s beat conductor, Madlib, produced "Mary Jane," a Tha Alkaholiks 12”. Later that year, Lootpack's lyrical skills were heard on the song "Turn The Party Out" on the Alkaholiks’ debut LP "21 And Over," and "WLIX" from the Liks’ second LP.

The positive feedback from these collaborations led to the Lootpack's own EP "Ill Psych Move" on Crate Digger’s Palace Records in 1996, a venture funded by Madlib’s father, soul-crooner Otis Jackson Sr.

It was through this poorly-distributed 12” that the group caught the attention of Stones Throw Records’ founder/president Peanut Butter Wolf, who heard the record on college radio and hunted the group down. The ‘Pack kept in touch with Wolf as he built Stones Throw into a viable hip hop enterprise. The group eventually signed for Stones Throw, paving the way for the release of 1999’s Soundpieces: Da Antidote CD/LP.

The album was received with open arms by hip hop’s proletariat, while luminaries such as The Roots’ Quest Love, Jay Dee and D’Angelo (the latter calling it his “favorite album of the year”) sang the ‘Pack’s praises.

Since the release of “Soundpieces,” the group has matured and spread its wings. Madlib has demonstrated his versatility as a producer and hip hop visionary, crafting concept-albums such as Quasimoto's "The Unseen" and Yesterdays New Quintet's "Angles Without Edges". DJ Romes has established himself as a DJ to watch, and released the oh-so-dope Hamburger Hater breakbeat record with Stones Throw in 2001. Wildchild produced Lootpack's 2001 documentary video Da Packumentary.

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Madlib and Oh No’s Father Otis Jackson, Sr. Has Died

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