‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ bouquet offers roses in coffin-shaped box

 ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ bouquet offers roses in coffin-shaped box - Похоронный портал

Roseshire x Disney Premium White Roses in Nightmare Before Christmas Box

Nightmare https://www.roseshire.com/products/nightmare?variant=16051341557829

Roseshire 'Nightmare Before Christmas' bouquet

Roseshire's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" bouquet comes complete with 20 roses in a coffin-shaped box. (Roseshire Instagram)

By Claudia Dimuro 

What’s this?

Why, it’s a Disney-themed “The Nightmare Before Christmas” bouquet in a coffin!

For Valentine’s Day 2021, fans of the iconic Tim Burton movie can send their loved ones this memento mori which comes complete with 20 red or white roses (your choice).

Insider reports how the bouquet’s creator, Roseshire, perfectly blends romance with a touch of the gothic. Plus, it sure can zhuzh-up the worn-out concept of a bunch of flowers with something a little more unique.

Even more unique is that Roseshire offers what they call “Forever Roses,” flowers that can last between one to two years.

The coffin—which sports the images of the film’s main characters, Jack Skellington and Sally—is entirely handcrafted, and takes roughly an hour for Roseshire staff to build from scratch. Plus, each bouquet includes an “exotic thistle” to add to the bouquet’s overall pizazz.

“Roseshire is an experience, not an arrangement,” says the company. “Every delivery is hand-assembled, from the hand-sealed wax on your recipient’s card to every rose being hand-manicured.”

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” bouquet from Roseshire is priced at $205.00.

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