Stay home or with us, funeral parlour quips

Stay home or with us, funeral parlour quips - Похоронный портал

Grave but amusing: The poster by Nirvana Asia, referring to the graves and columbarium it operates.

PETALING JAYA: A public service notice from a prominent bereavement operator has gone viral, with Malaysians sharing the notice for its humour and stark message.

Nirvana Asia on Thursday night posted on its Facebook page a poster bearing both Chinese and English words urging Malaysians to stay at home during the MCO period.

“Stay at home or stay at Nirvana,” it read, referring to its graves and its columbarium.

Nirvana Asia Group founder Tan Sri Kong Hon Kong said “the borderline controversial post” was released to remind the people “as straight forward as possible so that people would not ignore the seriousness of the issue”.

“With a lot of fake news around, we’re hoping the public will probably find it easier to accept and share the message to their loved ones with a sense of humour,” he said.

Kong also urged the government to be strict in penalising the violators of the order.

“I have noticed the government has been very tolerant. I think the public would like to see more control measures to be applied,” he said, adding that it was not just the government’s duty to ensure people stayed at home.

Student James Wong said the poster was a clever way of catching the public’s attention.

“It’s a powerful message and done in a way that people will actually share,” added the final-year mass communication student.

Meanwhile, artwork by digital comic label @artortoise was also widely shared online, with Internet users lauding its purpose.

Bearing the hashtag of #KitaJagaKita (we take care of us), the comic featured 10 characters of different occupations standing in a circle surrounding a house.

“With them surrounding a house, it meant that people are safe with them, who fought for and defended the nation,” said Ikhlas Ise, the illustrator behind the Artortoise label.

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