Funeral Services Master Business Administration (FUSEMBA)

Funeral Services Master Business Administration (FUSEMBA) - Похоронный портал

Funeral Services Master Business Administration (FUSEMBA) is an EC-funded project for the development of an 800 hour MBA to educate and train specialists in funeral services. Using both face-to-face and dynamic on-line sessions where expert tutorial support plays a key training role, the MBA will also offer highly practical sessions "in-situ" across a range of different EU countries, offering students the chance to learn and incorporate good practices at a European level.

Open to university graduates and funeral service professionals alike, the MBA in the Management of Funeral Services is an 800-hour European course comprised of 6 modules, blending on-line education and training with face-to-face and practical sessions in 5 countries, including a virtual Business Game. Based on the previous MBA programme, involving professionals from 6 European countries and open world-wide, its content has been developed with the support of the Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union. The six modules include: Strategy and Economics in Funeral Services Firms; Commercial Distribution, Marketing and Communication; Human Resource Management and Management Skills; Specific Characteristics of the Funeral Sector; Business Game; and Dissertation. The unique MBA, open for world-wide audiences, not only includes extensive online teaching, but also uses innovative communication technologies to enhance the education and training experience and help prepare specialists in the field of funeral services to meet the challenges of an evolving European-wide market.

More information about FUSEMBA program you can find on the official site of Master of Business Administration for Funereal Services


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