LS-Swapped 1993 Buick Hearse Appropriately Named Haulin’ Ash

LS-Swapped 1993 Buick Hearse Appropriately Named Haulin’ Ash
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You can’t take it with you, as they say, so you might as well enjoy it while you can – and that’s exactly what the owner of this Buick Hearse is doing after swapping in a four-figure LS6 V8 engine.

Coming to us from the official Holley YouTube channel, this brief video features Jason Pickett and his LS-powered 1993 Buick Hearse. Pickett brought his unique racer out to LS Fest West in Las Vegas, where it managed to run a new personal best of 8.51 at 160 mph, and now, we’re getting under the skin to see what makes it tick.

                                                LS-Swapped 1993 Buick Hearse Appropriately Named Haulin' Ash

A resident of Holt, Colorado, Pickett didn’t set out to build a drag racing Buick Hearse, but after poking around and weighing a few other options, the idea was too good to pass up.

“I helped my buddy with his Mustang quite a few times, and just decided I needed to build something,” Pickett explains. “We were looking around the track trying to find something unique, something different, and kinda starting leaning towards a station wagon, and then somehow a hearse came to mind.”

                                                   LS-Swapped 1993 Buick Hearse Appropriately Named Haulin' Ash

Making the go is a 2002 LS6 V8 engine, which was stroked to 383 cubic inches. Pickett also added a ProCharger system, plus Holley Dominator EFI to keep it running right. Now, this Buick Hearse is packing more than 1,000 horsepower, and it looks good too, with a purple finish for select components like the valve covers and supercharger – a nice complement for the undead theme.

Outside, we spot a flat black exterior, while the landau bars are kept in profile for extra style points.

                                                     LS-Swapped 1993 Buick Hearse Appropriately Named Haulin' Ash

Inside, it’s all business, with this Buick Hearse racecar fully gutted with a pair of racing buckets and extensive cage work. There’s also what appears to be a coffin for the ignition.

Now, this Buick Hearse is appropriately dubbed “Haulin Ash,” and haul it does, blistering the quarter mile at a scary-fast pace. See for yourself in the two-minute video below.


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