The 15 Weirdest Hearses You Will Ever See

The 15 Weirdest Hearses You Will Ever See

At some point, we'll all end up in the back of a hearse, but would you want a regular boring one or one of these weird creations?


Death is something no one likes thinking about and for a good reason, it’s just too sad. But even in the saddest part of life, the automobile has formed an integral part of the ceremony as a means of transport to their final resting place.

Naturally, for something we don’t put in so many thoughts, one would expect that vehicles used for such events would be very conservative. However, there are so few companies dedicated to pushing this industry to its advanced stage. But, some of their ideas and concept are unusual, to say the least.

The truth is that weird appeals to a portion of the market, those interested in making their funeral ceremonies unique and different. This is why we don’t think that we have seen the last of the weirdos. Possibly the changes these unusual funeral coaches will bring will revolutionize their segment market completely.

Check out these 15 Weirdest Hearses You’ve ever seen

15. Ghostbusters’ 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor

The iconic 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor, the star-vehicle of the classic Ghostbusters movie, is probably the weirdest hearse to ever be seen in a movie. The Cadillac wagon which played as Ecto-1 was outrageously designed with an uncanny roof lighting system and dramatic tailfins. The vehicle was designed by Stephen Dane and built by Miller-Meteor company in their Ohio plant.

14. Tombstone Motorcycle Hearse

Tombstone Hearse and Trike Company is the proud owner of this one of a kind bike, which they intend to use to carry their passengers beyond the mortal realm. The humongous motorcycle was the product of an idea that got from the Daytona Bike Week and was made to support a moving carriage.

13. Venetian Water Hearse

Because Venice is a coastal city, it shouldn’t be too of a surprise that they would want to transport their dead via the seas. This odd boat is one of the vessels that are used to ferry caskets for burial. Even, though this may never be the case in many countries, Venetian funerals depend on this mode of transportation.

12. REO Funeral Hearse

REO automobile is the builder of this hearse. The vehicle is modified from a Ford Model T-6 sedan, which normally accommodates five passengers. The vehicle is remade with glass-sided panels, trimmed with finely carved woods. The amount of design input on the vehicle is why HBO’s unusually featured the car in the Boardwalk Empire series.

11. Bedford CA Van

Imagine that a funeral company would modify a normal commercial pug-nosed vehicle into a funeral vehicle. This is what T Cribb and Sons did with their 1956 Bedford CA van. The company owns several good-looking hearses, which is mostly classical beauties. However, the Bedford van is a weird addition to their beautiful fleet.

10. Bears Tailgate Hearse

The Chicago based bear mobile is an oddly designed ambulance, that’s features a standout finishing that could be mistaken as a NASCAR vehicle. Funny enough, the flamboyant write-ups aren’t advertorials, who would want to advertise in a hearse. Anyway, the 1967 Cadillac wagon has been through pain, as its unique tailgate was damaged by a Beetle’s driver.

9. Tesla Hearse

If you think it couldn’t get any worse, then behold this Tesla Model S funeral vehicle that’s owned by Norwegian funeral contractor Jan Naley. Worst of it is that Naley wants to do away with the vehicle, which he just recently acquired. He has been looking for a buyer that would pay $220,000 for the Hearse. Good luck with that.

8. The Eureka Hearse

The Eureka Hearse is a usually designed funeral car, that made from the 1958 Cadillac Eureka. The vehicle is made so big that was sure it can comfortably carry three caskets together. Besides this, the vehicle is designed with fancy aluminum edges, that’s quite cool, and a crazy rear look.

7. Women Hearse

Check out these goth girls applying their trade in the right trade. The group who formed the “Lonely hearse club” are the illustrious owners of this funeral coach, which is a custom modded 1981 Cadillac SS Victoria, they dubbed Big Bertha. The girls are supported by their friends, together, they anticipate they could become among the leaders in the business in Memphis.

6. Armored Vehicle Hearse

Imagine a world where tanks no longer go to battle but to the cemetery. This is exactly what happened in Manchester, UK, where R Pepperdine & Sons Ltd, provide this battle truck for internment purpose. The unseen feat is regarded as the first tank hearse ever, but something that’s going to become something regular.

5. Ferrari Hearse

This is one use of the Ferrari that we’re sure that Enzo Ferrari himself would have returned their money. This Ferrari funeral coach is used by the Southampton-based funeral company, who transport thousands of souls to their resting place. According to the company, the lease of the Ferrari is at £499/hour, which is $616 only, with emphasis on the only.

4. 1942 Cadillac Fleetwood

This swimming pool like funeral hearse was built by a local gearhead in Argentine during the era of the Second World War. The builder modified the 1942 Cadillac Fleetwood, which has a strange name, “Hermida y Nazzi”, by giving the long body of the car fancy sides and a shrine-like bed.

3. Shrine On Wheels

Talking about Shrines, check out this mobile shrine that’s made by Japanese car builder to ferry lost souls. The vehicle is called “miyagata” and they were made in the classical days of automobiles, by fitting a Buddhist shine on the vehicle. At its prime, over 2,000 units of these vehicles where all around Japan.

2. Monster Soul Collector

Imagine this titanic wagon, with tires the height of a tall man, coming around as a Hearse. This Cadillac wagon is dubbed Soul Collector which isn’t a very grief consoling name, and as if that isn’t bad for ya, then how would the casket be taken up and down its storied structure. Weird is good for this vehicle, cos its worst.

1. 1991 Toyota Crown Hearse

For a rosier finish, this 1991 Toyota Crown hearse was converted from its Crown sedan form into the nice hearse that it now is. This handcrafted vehicle was offered for sales by its owners, MotoeXotica Classic Cars, and features beautiful wooden components, copper roofs, and metal detailing. Not even mentioning fully functioning equipment.

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