Lacuna Coil share hypnotising music video for Swamped XX

Lacuna Coil share hypnotising music video for Swamped XX
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By Liz Scarlett

Lacuna Coil release new version of Swamped, from forthcoming "deconstructed" edition of Comalies

Lacuna Coil have released a new version of Swamped XX, lifted from their "deconstructed" and "remade" forthcoming edition of third album Comalies.

Comalies XX is set to arrive on October 14 via Century Media Records, and will additionally feature the previously-released track Tight Rope XX.

Alongside the new single is a Trilathera-directed music video, which sees the Italian gothic metal band give a dramatic performance from inside a white room in-between nightmarish shots of creepy statue-like figures.

"This is not a reboot or a spin-off or anything like that," says frontman Cristina Scabbia of the upcoming project. "We just wanted to give these songs a 2022 dress and see how this guy or girl who was born 20 years ago would still look fucking slick in 2022."

This year will mark the 20th anniversary of the album, and in celebration, Lacuna Coil will perform Comalies in full at a one-night-only concert on Saturday, October 15 at Fabrique in Milano.

Comalies XX tracklist:

01. Swamped XX
02. Heaven's A Lie XX
03. Daylight Dancer XX
04. Humane XX
05. Self Deception XX
06. Aeon XX
07. Tight Rope XX
08. The Ghost Woman And The Hunter XX
09. Unspoken XX
10. Entwined XX
11. The Prophet Said XX
12. Angel's Punishment XX
13. Comalies XX

CD 2:

01. Swamped
02. Heaven's A Lie
03. Daylight Dancer
04. Humane
05. Self Deception
06. Aeon
07. Tight Rope
08. The Ghost Woman And The Hunter
09. Unspoken
10. Entwined
11. The Prophet Said
12. Angel's Punishment
13. Comalies

Lacuna Coil Comalies

(Image credit: Lacuna Coil)

Liz Scarlett

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