20 Hilarious Funeral Humor Memes

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By Daniel Szczesniak 

20 Hilarious Funeral Memes

Funerals can bring out a lot of emotions – sadness, frustration, anxiety, fear, relief, tension, hope, closure, letdown, and more.

One thing we need not forget is that death and its entourage of surrounding customs (funerals, wakes, cremation, burial, etc) can actually be funny. In the vein of keeping things light, and recognizing that the human race has long used humor as a valuable form of expression relating to all stages and walks of life, here are 20 Funeral Humor Memes that we have collected, created, and shared.

1. Towing a Hearse

They're making a grave mistake

2. Valentine’s Day Fail

Funeral Memes
3. No, Let’s Not

Funeral Humor Memes

4. Hot, Smokin’ Body

Smoking Hot Body

5. A Pinata A Happy Funeral Makes

Funeral Humor

6. The Difference Between A Friend And A BFF

Friend, Best Friend

7. It Was A Wrong Number Anyways

Funeral Humor - Stayin' Alive

8. Old People At Weddings

Weddings & Funerals

9. The Recession Won’t Affect This Mini-Golf Course

Funeral or Mini Golf?

10. Twitter Eulogy

Twitter Eulogy

11. You Should See My Other Car

Funeral Memes

12. But There’s No DNA Evidence To Prove It

Missing Socks Cremation

13. I’m Suddenly Not Hungry

Funeral Memes: Pizza Delivery Hearse

14. You Can’t Spell Funeral Without Fun

Angry Cat Funeral Meme

15. Cause of Death

Cause of Death: Not Forwarding Text

16. Matchstick Funeral

Funeral Humor

17. Snowman Funeral

Funeral Humor Memes
18. This Ground Has Been Covered Before

Cemetery Novel Has No Plot

19. Disposition Method For A Chemist

What do you do with a dead chemist?

20. Square Peg, Round Hole

In Loving Memory

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