The anti-drug performance included:
· a hearse rally;  
· an art exhibition;  
· a rock concert;  
· a torchlight procession;  
· the burning of the Vice.
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Anti-drug performance CHOOSE LIFE

<div><span style='font-family: Tahoma;'>The anti-drug performance included:</span></div>
<div><span style='font-family: Tahoma;'>· a hearse rally;</span>   
  <br />
 <span style='font-family: Tahoma;'>· an art exhibition;</span>   
  <br />
 <span style='font-family: Tahoma;'>· a rock concert;</span>   
  <br />
 <span style='font-family: Tahoma;'>· a torchlight procession;</span>   
  <br />
 <span style='font-family: Tahoma;'>· the burning of the Vice.</span></div>

Anti-drug performance CHOOSE LIFE was held in Novosibirsk on October 14, 2012

The performance included: 
· a hearse rally; 
· an art exhibition; 
· a rock concert; 
· a torchlight procession; 
· the burning of the Vice.

Drug mafia has an especially strong impact on young people. Children and youngsters are our golden fund and they must be protected by all means. Novosibirsk is the largest transportation junction in the Asian part of Russia. It is also a transit point for drug trafficking from Asia to Europe. Since the beginning of 2012 11,000 drug addicts have been recorded in the Novosibirsk region. According to the Anti-Drug Commission of the Novosibirsk region, the highest percentage of people who use drugs is divided as following: high school pupils (27.8%) and students (20.8%).

The initiators of this performance are the representatives of the student community of Novosibirsk. These are people who have personally experienced the tragic effects of youth drug addiction - lost friends, brothers and sisters, fellow students.

“Our Memorial Park as the place of the performance was a personal find of the initiative students”, says the founder of the Novosibirsk crematorium and the director of the Museum of World Culture Sergei Yakushin, “A student of the Medical University Kshnyasev Anton, the head of the initiative group, turned to me with a proposal to use our park for this performance. Of course, I said yes because I appreciated the civic impulse of the guys and their imaginative idea.The unusual location of the performance in the Crematorium Park has been chosen to emphasize the acute problem: your attitude to drugs is your personal choice between life and death. 

Drug addiction is a serious "provider" of “customers” for the funeral industry. Some people die from an overdose, some get infected with AIDS, some commit suicide in a state of delirium, or, having lost their grip of reality, become victims of some accident. There are many death scenarios involving drugs. Unfortunately, this is a very dynamic death conveyor. However, we, the representatives of the funeral business are not glad to see such a "stable supply". The normal way for youth is to become a productive adulthood instead of an instructive story with a bad ending. If we regard death as the "final exam of the soul" it is better to take this exam at the end of a busy course. Being "expelled" because of weakness and temptation, because of an inability to make choices and to cherish life is bitter and irresponsible. That is why I am proud of today's youth civic courage, pleasantly surprised by their creative thinking, and that is why I decided to help the authors of this idea.02.JPG

The hearse rally started at 17.00 from the Lenin Square in the center of Novosibirsk. Citizens received the anti-drug campaign very positively. Both young and older people talked to the animators who worked at the Square, expressing their attitude to drug addiction in Russia. The choice of the venue for the performance - the Memorial Park of Novosibirsk crematorium - received their support. That is how an anti-drug propaganda should be carried out - saying "If you use drugs, soon you will have to use the services of Crematorium». Thirty hearses decorated with mourning balloons and flags participated in the rally.

Fr016.JPGThe art exhibition «CHOOSE LIFE» took place at 18.00 at the Museum of the World Funeral Culture in the funeral exhibition hangar. In the centre of attention of the exhibition were ten installations that showed consequences of choice between drugs and life. On one hand – the black side – was the "killed" health, mental and psychical degradation and unborn children. This choice was illustrated by the Department of Pathology – the internal organs of a man who died from the drug abuse. On the other – white side – there was love, family, happiness, interesting busy life in which young people can realize themselves. Youth who came to the Anti-drug performance were asked to identify themselves and make their choice between life and death.

03.JPGThe opening of the exhibition was marked by the speech of the founder of the Novosibirsk crematorium and the Museum of World Funeral Culture Sergey Yakushin. The exhibition was opened by the student of the Novosibirsk State Medical University Anton Kshnyasev who was the author of the installation and the initiator of the performance.

At 20.00 the hosts of the Anti-drug performance invited all the participants to the Memorial Park for a torchlight procession. The procession and the burning of the Vice were the culmination of the evening. On the large three-meter coffin of Vice young people wrote notes about all the bad that they saw in life and threw it into the grave, choosing life and love. Anton Kshnyasev and Sergei Yakushin hit the bell, giving the signal for the start of the silent fireworks and the procession. The Procession led by torch-bearers went to the crater where the coffin of the Vice was burned. 

05.JPG  Fr011.JPG

Photo report is also available online:

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