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What Can You Do With the Ashes of a Cremated Loved One?

Your loved one wished to be cremated. Yet a big question remains: What can you do with the ashes of a cremated loved one?

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How 7 Funeral Pros Are Changing What Families Think About Death

Death is not a one-size-fits-all topic… especially when it comes to today’s families. While funeral professionals of the past may have been able to rely on the idea that a funeral was a “necessary tradition,” today’s families simply don’t share those same feelings.

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10 Reasons Why The World Should Be Thankful For Funeral Professionals

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change” – William Arthur Ward

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4 Completely Amazing Funeral Personalization Ideas To Embrace In 2017

When the topic of personalization first hit the funeral profession over a decade ago, it was a completely revolutionary idea…

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Forcing the Funeral Industry to Rethink Death

As cemeteries turn into landfills, Americans are turning to less destructive ways to bury the dead.

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Funeral Industry Seeks Ways to Stay Relevant

As more Americans opt for cremations, funeral homes branch into ‘multisensory’ rooms, weddings and upscale services

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MIAMI FUNER, 14-17 March 2017 at the Miami Airport Convention Center, will gather in Miami the most important funeral professionals.

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Vatican: new cremation guidelines

The Vatican has published new guidelines for Catholics who wish to be cremated.

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In Toronto, even the dead are paying too much for real estate

Ontario cities plan for birth, childhood, work and retirement, but are rapidly running of out cemetery and burial space. Why aren’t we planning for death? 

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Asteroid Named After Queen Frontman Freddie Mercury on 70th Birthday

Legendary singer, late Freddie Mercury now has an asteroid named after him. 

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Water Burials

Burial at sea is thought to have taken place throughout history, with instances dating back as far as Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, alongside the traditional funerary rites of these civilisations. 

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Victorians and the Art of Dying

Since the 15th Century the Ars Moriendi or the ‘Art of Dying’ had been a recognised model for the ideal death. However after a period of scepticism during the Enlightenment of the 18th Century, it resurged with vigour under the growing Evangelicalism of Victorian Britain.

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Funeral home uses 3D printing to reconstruct faces. Video.

A funeral home in Shanghai is using 3D printing to reconstruct the faces of people who may have been badly injured when they died.

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Aquamation gains popularity as funeral home becomes 2nd in Quebec to dissolve the dead

Quebecers looking for a more eco-friendly alternative to cremation may find their match in aquamation, sometimes called bio-cremation.

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Funeral homes are finding it harder to stay alive

Big Apple funeral homes are fast becoming a dying breed because New Yorkers are living too darn long, among other factors, according to a report Monday.

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