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Necropolis-2013: Demonstrating future, carefully protecting past

The results of the XXI international funeral exhibition which has been held from 29 to 31 October 2013in Moscow.

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Necropolis-2013: "Demonstrating future, carefully protecting past"

The XXI international funeral exhibition has been held from 29 to 31 October in 20th pavilion of VVC, in Moscow.


Nowadays it is hard to find a place in the world where nobody heard of the “Necropolis” exhibition. It means

that Necropolis has become animportant place of meeting for colleagues, discussing achievements and problems of funeral business, sharing of experience and trading. The new concept of the exhibition should make it even more comfortable and effective for the participants.

The geography of the exhibition is traditionally wide: 223 companies from 76 Russian cities, CIS countries and far abroad decided to take part – there were companies from Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, China, Byelorussia, India, Poland and Ukraine. For the first time 34 companies, that have never been at Necropolis before, presented for the visitors their brand new products and services.

At the first day of the exhibition we had a real boom, an unprecedented number of visitors, - says the director of Necropolis 2013 Tatiana Kuznetsova. 38 international and federal media have been accredited. Camera crews of TV3, Russia24, TRC Mir, OTR, Podmoskovie, Dozhd, Polsat news, Central Azerbaijan television, NTV, RIA News, New York Times, LifeNews, Ren TV, Metro, Telechannel O2, Agency France Press and other mass media. Several thousands of people have visited us in these three days. Not all exhibitions in the world can claim to receive such a close attention. During the time the exhibition was open, it has been visited be delegations from Spain, Italy, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Moldavia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Portugal and Germany.


Also the exhibition successfully held an international forum Modern approaches to funeral business management. A large number of representatives of funeral companies, FAS Russia and Government of Moscow and Moscow region took part in it.

A particularly important point is to legally define functions and responsibilities among local authorities of the funeral sphere. The Federal Law On funeral business adopted in 1996 is long since outdated, and does not meet the modern realities of life, more than that, it interferes and hinders the industry. In the changed economic and social environment it is necessary to amend the existing legislation. I believe that if our proposals, amendments and changes are adopted, then the industry will be able to function fully and legitimately says Pavel Kodysh, the President of the Union of funeral organizations and crematoria.

On the first day of the exhibition there was a traditional funeral fashion show. The author of the IMMORTALITY project is Mikael Mshezyan, the curator is Eliza Rossar. The defile was accompanied by the performance of the duo Alpha and Omega.

The French engineer of the FMI Process Company Eric Kutcheniski made a presentation named Cremators manufactured by FMI Process Company, filtration systems and smoke cleaning. In the continuation of the speech of the French specialist, his colleague Mikhail Remez made a presentation of a joint Russian-Chinese company JV PSM THERMO Technology and cremation furnace THERMO-5000.IMG_2457.JPG

Crematoria of FMI company include a full set of equipment for cremation and further waste disposal and smoke cleaning, that meet the strictest ecological requirements of European standards. FMI cremators are implemented in many European cities. I have personally visited the sewage sludge incineration plant in Saint-Etienne (France) with the equipment of this company. But this technology of continuous process is more complicated than the cremation technology (periodic action), - tells Alexander Bautinov, the technical director of SNF Baltreagent Ltd.

His colleague founder of GS KRU GABBRO Ltd Mikhail Remez presented the first joint Russian-Chinese company producing cremation equipment and based on the largest machinery plant Pnevmostroimashina Ltd and the Chinese corporation Jiangxi Nanfang Environmental Protection Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd., the leader on the market for disposal equipment in PRC.

According to Mikhail Remez, the main competitive advantage of the JV PSM THERMO Technology is a combination of high quality of production and competitive prices.

A practical conference Development trends of funeral industry in Moscow region has been held at the Forum conference-hall, where the main speaker was Maxim Gorshkov, the first Deputy Minister of Consumer Market and Services of the Moscow region.

In continuation of the theoretical and practical activities a seminar The formation of Ermis company and its influence on the development of market for tombstones from China and India was held, where Alexey Ermishkin, the General Director of Ermis company shared his experience.DSC_7467.jpg

The legal aspect of the funeral industry also has not been neglected. The leading practicing lawyers Tamara Savina (UFOC) and Natalia Savchenko (Novosibirsk crematorium) held a forum for discussion on the following topic: Funeral business in details. Questions and Answers. The discussion was incredibly popular and gathered a large number of participants. Over the years funeral directors have come across a number of legal questions, the answers to which they were able to get from qualified professionals.

Highly qualified specialists from RGS Moscow Company held master-classes Making European wreaths and Making elite wreaths, where anybody could try themselves as floral designers and create their own designer wreath.

For the first time the Novosibirsk factory of special articles presented the Colour coffins collection. This collection has been presented at fairgrounds, which certainly was noted by all exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition.

We received numerous enthusiastic responses not only from our Russian colleagues, but also foreign ones from Italy and Spain. We purposefully made such a bold move the collection has bright coloured coffins violet, pink, black and white. Of course, we were hoping to surprise everybody with our new line of products, but that the reaction would be a 100% positive was astonishing. This means that the market and the consumers are ready for such products and we did everything right, - summarized Dmitry Ilyin, the Director of NZSI.


One of the key events of the second day was the presentation of KrioRus Company and a demonstration of cryonics in action. The specialists of the company demonstrated their services in action by taking a DNA sample from Sergei Yakushin, the President of Necropolis exhibition. They placed the sample in a cryochamber where it will be stored for 25 years, with the subsequent decoding of the genome.

Right now we are launching a new service: the preservation of human DNA with subsequent decoding of the genome in 25 years. The DNA can be collected both during life and after death. Knowing the genome of ones relatives is not only an interesting, but also important information which can warn future generation against health problems, - told Valeria Udalova, the General Director of KrioRus Ltd.

The final and last day of the exhibition was marked by summing up the results of the Golden Medal. With Large and Small Golden medals were awarded 44 companies, 8 companies received certificates for their participation in the Golden Medal contest.

Such were the results, news and achievements brought by the XXI International exhibition Necropolis-2013. Funeral directors expressed their gratitude to the exhibition organizers for the attention and support given at the exhibition. All participants and visitors had only positive impressions from the exhibition. All products and services represented at the exhibition will help to review plans in the work of Russian and foreign companies, and the invaluable experience gained in these three days will undoubtedly be applied in practice.

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