New Burial Rules ease paperwork and money. People from other emirates are availing the services at the Al Ain crematorium." />

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New Burial Rules United Arab Emirates

<font face='Tahoma'>New Burial Rules ease paperwork and money. </font><span style='font-family: Tahoma; '>People from other emirates are availing the services at the Al Ain crematorium.</span>
People from other emirates are availing the services at the Al Ain crematorium.

A new rule covering the cremation and burial of dead bodies in Abu Dhabi will ease the paper work related to the cremation of dead bodies. This has resulted in residents of Sharjah, Ajman, Dubai and other Northern Emirates using a new state-of-the-art crematorium and burial facility at Al Foah in Al Ain that offers cremation services to non-Muslim expatriates.A cremation facility provided by the Al Ain Municipality which does not charge for a cremation permit is attracting more UAE residents as cost-conscious relatives can save on the Dh1,000 charged for permits by other Municipalities.

Speaking to ’Emirates247’, Don Fox, Chief Executive Officer of Al Foah Funeral Services, which manages the state of the art crematorium in Al Ain, said that up until recently a police clearance certificate was needed to bury any dead body including those resulting from natural causes, but a new rule implemented in the last couple of weeks will enable crematoriums and burial facilities to cremate and bury the dead resulting from natural causes with just a death certificate from the hospital and a no objection certificate from the concerned embassy or consulate in the UAE.

Prior to the opening of the crematorium at Al Foah by Al Ain Municipality there was not a cremator in the UAE, and the general public only had the use of incinerators for their deceased which are not environmentally friendly and do not operate to acceptable international standards therefore a lot of paperwork including a police clearance was needed before cremating a dead body. Now if it is a natural death, a death certificate from the concerned hospital plus a no objection certificate from the concerned diplomatic missions will be enough to cremate a dead body.”

The facility at Al Foah was created as a result of a directive by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and has been developed by the Al Ain Municipality.

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