The team of Novosibirsk Crematorium and Museum of World Funeral Culture, Novosibirsk, are reviving the tradition of remembering the departed. Over the past two years 10 Memorial events took place.

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<p><font face='Tahoma' size='2'>The team of Novosibirsk Crematorium and Museum of World Funeral Culture, Novosibirsk, are reviving the tradition of remembering the departed. Over the past two years 10 Memorial events took place.</font></p>

The team of Novosibirsk Crematorium and Museum of World Funeral Culture, Novosibirsk, are reviving the tradition of remembering the departed. Over the past two years 10 Memorial events took place.

At all times in all cultures, including the Christian world, people are used to commemorate the deceased on certain days. In Orthodoxy these days are called Parents’ Days. Many people go to cemeteries to visit family graves, services are hold in cathedrals and homes.

In Novosibirsk crematorium there is a tradition on Parents’ Days in addition to the memorial service organize short memorial concerts, combining poetry and sacred music. Visitors who come to pay tribute to loved ones are increasingly asking about the dates of the next concert. And this year we organized a few more significant events. If the first memorial concerts gathered up to 100 people, then the recent memorial events attracted about 1,000 visitors.
Throughout the world such concerts are conducted in the memory of prominent people (the most ambitious: a concert in memory of Princess Diana, in memory of Michael Jackson, Boris Yeltsin, the victims of Beslan). These concerts attract the attention of thousands of people and various artists (from classical to rock bands).
Each year the Cementiris de Barcelona Organization holds memorial concerts in honor of all those buried in the cemeteries of the city. In 2011 a concert of choir and string orchestra was held on 2 June in the evening in the cemetery of Montjuïc, Barcelona, Spain.
We only have the information about Novosibirsk Crematorium and Cemeteries in Barcelona organizing such activities in memory of all deceased. If Memorial Concerts are held in your city, we would be grateful to receive some information about it for our exhibitions in Museum.
According to tradition a large number of visitors come to the Columbarium Park in Novosibirsk crematorium to remember loved ones and friends, to reminisce. Therefore we call it Memorial Park and this is a right place for conducting concerts of sacred music, memorial poetry and grateful memory songs.

The importance of these events is that the Memorial Concerts have become perhaps the only opportunity to remind about those who passed away. Music and poetry are able to tell about feelings, comfort in distress and share grief, to enter even the wounded heart and give a drop of joy and relief. But in addition to therapy of personal, private grief, memorial concerts have another very important mission - they support, form, strengthen the responsibility of a citizen to honor the memory of past generations.
The idea of ​​the Memorial Concerts received the official support of the Presidential Envoy to the Siberian Federal District, Viktor Tolokonsky, who said, "A Memorial Concert - in effect – a kind of civil memorial culture. These events reinforce the spiritual connection of the descendants with ancestors; help the youth to consider, to remember those who created things for our comfortable living."

Our main goal, as the organizers of the Memorial Concerts is:
- To draw attention to the culture of remembrance and spiritual heritage;
- To involve young people in the memorial culture;
- Top-up work the authors of the memorial theme.

1 June is an International Children’s Day. The key idea of celebration is to recall the true meaning of Children's Day - the fragility of a child's life, the responsibility of adults, the need to protect them from violence and untimely death. We found it necessary to remind people about those who did not receive needed protection, those to whom society was indifferent - about the children who died in accidents, the victims of incurable diseases or medical errors, about teenagers ruined by alcohol and drugs".

Novosibirsk Memorial Park organized an event to honor the memory of prematurely deceased children.

Launching lanterns into the sky, light fireworks and laser show with a concert of mourning songs and music. Lasting in the evening at sunset and finished under a starlit sky the celebration gathered nearly one thousand people.

Such an event is held for the first time in Russia, and aimed to establish a new - for the Russian memorial culture - tradition of remembrance in Novosibirsk, to attract public attention to the high infant and juvenile mortality.

This unique campaign is planned to be held annually.

On 22 June on All-Russian Day of Remembrance and Sorrow, the day of the 70th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War a solemn Memorial Concert was organized. Participants of the event - veterans, homefront workers, soldiers’ children and youngster remembered the difficult war and postwar years, when victory was got, the country was raised from the ruins; to commemorate those who gave their lives for Russia. The Memorial Park is a place where living give a tribute to the departed.
The first Sunday of autumn, 4 September, in Novosibirsk took place now a traditional Concert of sacred music and grateful memory songs. The Concert brought together more than a thousand people who came to honor the memory of all cremated at the Novosibirsk Crematorium. Thanks to Rostelecom (Russia’s national telecommunications operator), our partner in holding this Concert, we organized an on-line broadcast of the event and the audience of listeners increased. On the program was a duo of Crematorium Masters of ceremonies "Alpha and Omega" and a guest from Moscow, singer and composer Mark Tishman.

Finally, the World Day of Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims was held on 20 November 2011 in the Memorial Park of Novosibirsk Crematorium. Here in the Park a memorial stone was opened on the future site of a monument to all victims of road accidents. The organizers of the event have announced an open competition among architects to design a city memorial to all victims of road accidents.

At the end of the opening ceremony, laying the memorial stone and wreath laying a memorial service for all those who died in automobile accidents was held.

The event finished with a Memorial Concert at the Museum of World Funeral Culture, which marked the opening of the museum.

Our concerts are accompanied by expressive visual presentations, fireworks in honor of the dead, laser shows on the projection screens. These colorful actions permanently remain in the hearts of young people and children who come to the concert. These are the symbols of the current era, but they help to maintain contact between young people and departed, their growing old grandparents, to feel gratitude for what they did for our living.

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