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FIAT-IFTA Funeral Heritage and International Association of Funeral Museums

At the FIAT-IFTA Barcelona Convention 2008 Members of FIAT-IFTA establish the FIAT-IFTA Funeral Heritage Steering Committee. In conjunction with the forming of the committee, the International Association of Funeral Museums (IAFM) was founded.

At the FIAT-IFTA Barcelona Convention 2008 Members of FIAT-IFTA establish the FIAT-IFTA Funeral Heritage Steering Committee.

The Committee was formed on the initiative of FIAT IFTA in order to draw attention to the many impressive traditions, buildings and artifacts that still exist in relation to death, funerals and bereavement.They are worth to be preserved for future generations.

In conjunction with the forming of the committee, the International Association of Funeral Museums (IAFM) was founded. The many funeral museums and collections in the world can play an important role in the preservation, explanation and scientific studies, concerning the topic of
funeral heritage.

Charter of Global Funeral Heritage
(Adopted by the General Assembly of FIAT-IFTA, June 2008, Barcelone)

Global Funeral Heritage consists of the expressions, customs, rituals, sites, buildings, constructions and instruments associated with death, loss and grief.

The preservation and protection of Global Funeral Heritage is the responsibility of families, local communities, religious institution and governments.

FIAT-IFTA affirms the importance and significance of Global Funeral Heritage for societies and in-dividuals.
Funeral Heritage Association of FIAT-IFTA’s role is to inform all parties concerned and strives to work with local, national and international institutions to preserve and to protect Global Funeral Heritage for the future of humanity.

To support and endorse funeral museums and exhibitions worldwide.

To study and understand Global Funeral Heritage in order to preserve and protect it;

To promote understanding and appreciation of Global Funeral Heritage;

To promote publications and studies related to Global Funeral Heritage with respect to local and national concerns.

Primary Action: 

1. To cooperate with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre in order to establish and extend the
presence of Funeral Heritage sites on the World Heritage List and to bring in expert knowledge
2. Establishment of the Funeral Heritage Expert Committee
3. Foundation of the Association of Funeral Museums and Collections.

International Secretariat:
Melkpad 21 A,1217KA Hilversum,THE NETHERLANDS
Website:     E-mail:

SURVEY of Funeral Museums and Collections
Bestattungsmuseum Wien
Goldeggasse 19
1041 Vienna

Shanghai Funeral Industry Museum
210 Caoxi Road.,
Shanghai Humanism Memorial Museum
No. 600, Lane 7270 Waiqingsong Road
201700 Shanghai

Musée Funéraire National (Museum to be established)
29, Square Saint Charles
75012 Paris

Zentralinstitut und Museum für Sepulkralkultur
Weinbergstraße 25–27
D-34117 Kassel
Museum Ohlsdorfer Friedhof
Fuhlsbüttler Straße 756
22337 Hamburg

The Kegyeleti Museum: Piety Museum
Fiumei ut. 16.
1086 Budapest

Museo de la Muerte
Plaza del Estudiante 1

The Museum of World Funeral Culture (Museum to be established)
Voentorgovskaya str. 4/10, Voskhod
630530  Novosibirsk reg.

Museu de Carrosses Fúnebres
C Sancho de Avila, 2
08018, Barcelona

Sammlung Friedhof am Hörnli
Hörnliallee 70
CH - 4125 Riehen

Nederlands Uitvaart Museum Tot Zover
Kruislaan 124
1097 GA Amsterdam

National Funeral Museum (Museum to be established)
Victoria House, 10 Woolwich Manor Way,
Beckton, London E6 5PA

The National Museum of Funeral History
415 Barren Springs Drive
Houston, Texas 77090
Museum of Funeral Customs (Museum temporarily closed)
1440 Monument Avenue
Springfield, Illinois 62702

Private Funeral Collections accessible to the public
Écomusée de l’Au-Delà
C.P. 365, succ. C
Montréal, H2L 4K3

Musée des Augustins, Collection Funéraire Gothique
21, Rue de Metz
31000 Toulouse

Ferguson Funeral Home Museum
105 Spring Street
Scottdale, PA 15683
Heaton-Bowman-Smith and Sidenfaden
Chapel Funeral Museum
3609 Frederick Ave.
St Joseph, MO
Herr Funeral Service Memorabilia
501 W. Main St.
Collinsville IL
Jackson’s Funeral Museum
1900 Block Malcolm Avenue
Newport, AR 72112
Redinger Funeral Museum
P.O. Box 236
Seiling, OK 73663
Museum of Funeral Memorabilia
168 North McDonough Street
Jonesboro, GA 30236

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