<font face='Tahoma' size='2'>We welcome everyone who is engaged in delicate funeral business and invite you to participate in the regional funeral exhibition “NECROPOLIS-Siberia-2012”. 
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 26-27 April 2012 
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 Russia </font> 
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Necropolis-Siberia-2012. 26-27 April 2012. Novosibirsk. Russia

We welcome everyone who is engaged in delicate funeral business and invite you to participate in the “NECROPOLIS-Siberia-2012” Exhibition, the main idea of which is to form new public attitude to ethic, social and ecological aspects of funeral services work. This regional exhibition is held annually and gathers professionals to exchange experience, search for new business contacts and discuss up-to-date problems of the field.

Last year 100 companies from 41 regions of Russia and near abroad (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Byelorussia etc.) exhibited at Necropolis-Siberia-2011.

In anticipation of the show two practical seminars took place: “Embalming, Post-Mortem Make-Up, and Basics of Safe Operation with Dead Body” and “Organizing and Carrying out a Funeral Ceremony”.

The same timely seminars will be held at Necropolis-Siberia-2012 as well.
Некрополь-Сибирь 2012
Некрополь-Сибирь 2012
On the first day of the exhibition in 2011 year Necropolis-Siberia hosted the Conference “Modern methodology of funeral business organization in Russia”. For those who had no opportunity to come and participate in the Conference, the Internet on-line broadcasting was launched.

The Exhibition is supported by the Union of Funeral Organizations and Crematoria of Russia, Association of Siberian and Far-East Cities, Government of Novosibirsk region and Municipality of Novosibirsk.
In the exhibition program:

- Conference “Timely Questions of Development of Funeral Field in Russia”

- Seminar “Advertising of Funeral Services: Legal Acts, Difficulties, Foreign Experience”

- Funeral Business Lawyer, Nataliya Savchenko, will answer pre-assembled questions (please e-mail your questions to: necropolis2011@gmail.com)

- Excursion to the newly opened show-room of the Museum of World Funeral Culture, Novosibirsk and to Novosibirsk Crematorium

Некрополь-Сибирь 2012

Dear colleagues, the program of the Expo may change, please follow it on our web-page.

For any further information please contact Mrs. Marina Prudnikova: necropolis-moscow@ya.ru

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