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The Cemetery

Before 1832 it was not uncommon to rob fresh graves in England. Medical students dissected dogs. Because of a need for cadavers in English medical schools there was a market for bodies stolen from cemeteries. Although the practice was condemned and unlawful, the willingness of medical students to pay for the resurrectionist's wares promoted the procedure. Freshly exhumed bodies were openly sold on medical school grounds.

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The future of death: skyscraper cemeteries

Space shortages in countries around the world are raising a daunting question: where to lay dead bodies to rest. This month in Oslo, Norway, architecture student Martin McSherry presented a “vertical cemetery” design to the Oslo Conference for Nordic Cemeteries and Graveyards as a solution to the country’s growing burial land problem.

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NEW website of NECROPOLIS expo launched

We have launched a separate website for NECROPOLIS exhibition

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Necropolis-2014: NEW venue

The venue of NECROPOLIS-2014 exhibition has been changed

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North Korea commemorates second anniversary of late leader's death

North Korea holds a mass memorial for the second anniversary of Kim Jong Il's death, less than a week after executing the man thought to have been the second most powerful man in country.

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Daughter of actress Jane Birkin and Bond film composer John Barry found dead

British photographer Kate Barry has been found dead on the pavement beneath her fourth-floor flat in Paris.

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Necropolis-2013: Demonstrating future, carefully protecting past

The results of the XXI international funeral exhibition which has been held from 29 to 31 October 2013 in Moscow.

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Travel and Accomodation for Necropolis-2013 Guests

Special rates for Hotel accommodation in Moscow during Necropolis-2013 Exhibition, October 29-31, 2013

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Necropolis-2013 Exhibitor Information

"Necropolis - 2013" exhibition will be held on 29-30-31 October 2013. The main idea of it is to form new public perception of ethical, social and environmental aspects of funeral services. The largest manufacturers of funeral accessories, monuments and many more will be present at the exhibition. Funeral companies from every part of Russia and from all over the world can become your business partners.

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Anti-drug performance CHOOSE LIFE

The anti-drug performance included:
· a hearse rally;  
· an art exhibition;  
· a rock concert;  
· a torchlight procession;  
· the burning of the Vice.

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NECROPOLIS-2012: Success of the XX Anniversary Expo on an Unprecedented Scale

XX Anniversary International Exhibition of Funeral Industry "Necropolis 2012" was a success on an unprecedented scale! It took place in Moscow on 23 to 25 October and attracted as many visitors both from Russia and abroad as never. 

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Travel and Accomodation for Necropolis-2012 Guests

Special rates for Hotel accommodation in Moscow during Anniversary Necropolis-2012 Exhibition, October 23-25, 2012

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Necropolis-2012 Exhibitor Information

Consider your participation in Anniversary Necropolis-2012, Moscow, Russia, October 23-25, 2012. Get exhibitor information package here.

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The National Museum of Funeral History, Houston, USA

The National Museum of Funeral History houses the country's largest collection of funeral service artifacts and features renowned exhibits on one of man's oldest cultural customs. 

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FIAT-IFTA Global Funeral Heritage

Global Funeral Heritage consists of the expressions, customs, rituals, sites, buildings, constructions and instruments associated with death, loss and grief.

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New Burial Rules United Arab Emirates

New Burial Rules ease paperwork and money. People from other emirates are availing the services at the Al Ain crematorium.

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Memorial Concerts Flair

The team of Novosibirsk Crematorium and Museum of World Funeral Culture, Novosibirsk, are reviving the tradition of remembering the departed. Over the past two years 10 Memorial events took place.

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FIAT-IFTA Funeral Heritage and International Association of Funeral Museums

At the FIAT-IFTA Barcelona Convention 2008 Members of FIAT-IFTA establish the FIAT-IFTA Funeral Heritage Steering Committee. In conjunction with the forming of the committee, the International Association of Funeral Museums (IAFM) was founded.

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NFDA 2011 International Convetion and Expo, Chicago, Ill.

The National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) 2011 International Convention & Expo, held October 23-26 in Chicago, Ill., drew 6,949 total attendees – the largest total attendance in 10 years – and 417 exhibiting companies.

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Coffin culture evolves in Russia

Under the Soviets, they were plain wooden boxes upholstered in red satin. Today they come in different shapes and sizes and cater to a variety of tastes.

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