Dead soldiers in Mali: the army is indignant at the "outrageous" caricatures of Charlie Hebdo

Dead soldiers in Mali: the army is indignant at the "outrageous" caricatures of Charlie Hebdo - Похоронный портал

"What have we done, soldiers of the army, to deserve such contempt? After expressing his "deep indignation" in a tweet the veill e, the army chief of staff directly addressed Riss this Saturday in an open letter to the director of Charlie Hebdo's publication. Thierry Burkhard criticizes the satirical weekly the publication of five parody drawings on the death of the 13 soldiers of the Barkhane force in Mali on Monday.

These drawings associate these disappearances with a recent recruitment campaign. The slogan "I protect my country, I progress in my life" accompanies a coffin with military decorations or a soldier whose face is replaced by a skull. Another shows President Emmanuel Macron standing in front of a coffin covered with the blue-white-red flag and surmounted by the slogan: "I joined the ranks to stand out".

French soldiers died in the collision of two helicopters during a combat operation against jihadists. The French army has suffered with this tragedy one of its greatest losses since the attack against the French headquarters Drakkar in Beirut in 1983, which had killed 58 people.

The invitation to Riss

"The mourning time of these families has been sullied by terribly outrageous caricatures that your newspaper has spread. If outrage first won me, it is especially a great pain that invades me thinking of the new grief that you are inflicting on families already in pain, "writes Thierry Burkhard. "What did I miss myself, Chief of Staff of the Army, in explaining the deep meaning of our commitment, so that with such casualness are mocked those who gave their lives so that our fundamental freedoms are rightly defended? "

Recalling that a national tribute to the thirteen soldiers killed in Mali will be made Monday in Paris by Emmanuel Macron in the presence of Malian President Boubacar Keïta, Thierry Burkhard invites Riss to join us that day, to testify them too, who have suffered in your flesh from ideology and terror, the recognition they deserve ".

Sought by Le Monde this Saturday, Riss did not want to comment on this invitation. Citing the entourage of the Chief of Staff, the newspaper also said that a family of one of the soldiers killed in Mali decided to file a complaint.

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"Charlie Hebdo" : L'armée outrée par des caricatures sur les 13 militaires tués au Mali

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