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Americans Are Opting For Cremation Over Burial At The Highest Rate Ever

America’s changing religious landscape may be a factor affecting funeral practices.

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Hong Kong’s floating columbarium? Cruise ship with hotel, restaurants – and human ashes – needs investors

Hong Kong entrepreneurs are seeking to invest HK$500 million in turning a cruise ship into the world’s first seaborne columbarium.

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More concerns about Resthaven Cemetery

Dozens in the Valley came together to voice their frustrations about the lack of upkeep on the grounds of the Resthaven Cemetery.

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Troops tackle tasks in Rainelle Cemetery (WITH VIDEO)

Rainelle — Along with a half-dozen enthusiastic local volunteers, a troop of Pennsylvania Boy Scouts tackled tasks from tombstone cleaning to fence building at the Rainelle Cemetery, as part of the National Scout Jamboree now under way at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in Fayette County.

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No Vacancy At Grand Canyon Cemetery

If you died in the Grand Canyon during the 19th century, chances are you were buried where you fell. But in the early 1900s, pioneers found a clearing about a quarter mile from the south rim amidst the ponderosa pine.

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HT IMPACT: Finally, villagers near IT Park get land for crematorium

Angry with the absence of a crematorium in their vicinity, the villagers had undertaken the cremation of a 33-year-old man on July 7 by the side of a road, shocking the neighbourhood.

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Festivals of the Dead Around the World (video)

Throughout our history, we’ve mourned and honored the dead in many different ways.

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What happens when we die remains a question humans have long tried to answer

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There are museums for just about everything. Mustard, hammers, even moist towelettes.

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Ethical Issues in Today's Funeral Industry

The funeral services industry in the United States -- funeral homes, crematoriums and cemeteries -- generates about $15 billion in annual revenues, according to the 2012 "Funeral Services" report from Research and Markets.

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The U.S. Cremation Rate Exceeds 50%. Now What?

CANA’s member-exclusive Annual Statistics Report Preview, just published in May, shows that 2016 was the year the U.S. cremation rate exceeded 50%. 

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Miami Funer Trade Show official opening

Today, on the second day of MIAMI FUNER Worldwide Funeral Industry Conference & Expo, the Trade Show area grand opening takes place.

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The Nissan Leaf Hearse Has Broken Our Brains

Over the years, many vehicles have been turned into hearses and put to solemn work. Usually we think of stately luxury brands that are given the duty of conveying the dead to their final destinations; however in the UK one funeral home has turned the zero-emissions Nissan Leaf into a hearse.

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Latest Trends in Funeral Planning

As the National Museum of Funeral History shows us, funerals have evolved over time to reflect the current zeitgeist. Planning a funeral today involves a lot of the same customs that have been around since ancient times, but new trends and technology have made funeral planning much more sophisticated than ever before.

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5 Funeral Articles You NEED To Share With Your Families

When it comes to funerals, there seems to be a veil between what families think of the funeral process and what actually happens behind the scenes.

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