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Introducing the most authoritative Speakers

MIAMI FUNER, 14-17 March 2017 at the Miami Airport Convention Center, will gather in Miami the most important funeral professionals.
It will be a forerunner event with the newest professional conferences and a unique expo!

THE TRADE SHOW: Energy for your business!

Catch the attention of the most influential decision makers, especially coming from the US, Central and Latin America, seeking for new products and solutions.

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THE WORKSHOPS: Power for your company!

Don't miss the workshops dealing with the most interesting topics to manage and improve your business: marketing, social media, life coaching, corporate governance and much more.

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Focus on: the workshops

THE FUNERAL ENTREPRENEUR: a new contemporary and necessary role
Deb Schmidt, President, Loyalty Leader Inc., Milwaukee, WI


Strong customer service meets the needs of our customers, those may vary across cultures.
The key to provide a quality service to all customers is in understanding the role of culture and considering differences when serving multicultural customers such as individual and family values, protocol and courtesy, communications styles and logistical needs.


Deb Schmidt will focus on:

  • Planning funerals with culturally diverse clients
  • Selling caskets to international markets
  • How to deliver culturally competent service to grieving families
  • How to establish rapport and trust with a funeral home buyer 
  • Cross-cultural communications that apply to all funeral business lines


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